ManleyFresh – Luxury Fragrance Air Freshener

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The ManleyFresh Air Fresheners is a unique air freshener to make your car, home or office smell great. These products work to clear up any bad car odors from pets and smokers. No one wants to sit in a car that smells of dampness or gives a stinking feel. It is, surely, a big turn off for your companion. Get Luxury Scent Air Freshener that works wonderfully with its aromatic smell. The magnetic Cologne is powerful enough to have the ability to spread exotic smell in the car or truck or even SUV. Adding to its magnificence is the supreme quality cologne that resembles the aroma of manly perfumes such as CK, Denver or even Armani. Its supremacy is such that the air freshener can be utilized for a longer period of time.
Peel back the air freshener and feel the heavenly bliss in your car because of its exotic smell. Manufactured to give high-quality luxurious experience, this cologne has gained a market reputation. It, also, has the power to transform bad odor in a four wheeler into a good smell that works wonder. In fact, it will make your journey magnificent and you would not like to get out of your car for sure. Designed to work fast and spread the aromatic smell in just a few seconds, you will feel elated. And pf course, the price falls well within your budget. Luxury Scent Air Freshener is the only product that offers premium driving experience.

Luxury Scent Air Freshener
Deodorizers / Avoids odor and freshens with natural fragrances.
High Quality Premium Air Freshener for Car, Home or Office
Last up to 45 days / Non refillable/disposable container.
Premium Gel Base Air Freshener

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Additional information

Weight .79 lbs
Dimensions 3.80 × 1 × 5 in

Luxury Scent

Intended Usage

Home,Office or Car

Product Last

45 Days Approximently




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